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"For God & My Country"
Uganda - Important Links:

Business Operating Environment in Uganda http://www.ugandainvest.net
Ministry of Defence http://www.defenceuganda.mil.ug
Uganda Export Promotion Board http://www.ugandaexportsonline.com
Uganda Tourist Board


Bank of Uganda http://www.bou.or.ug
Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development http://www.finance.go.ug
Privatisation Unit http://www.perds.go.ug
Uganda Bureau of Statistics


Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank http://www.ipanet.net
Uganda Manufacturers Association http://www.uma.co.ug
The Private Sector Foundation (PSF) http://www.psfuganda.com
The British Chambers of Commerce http://www.britishchambers.org.uk
Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) http://www.era.or.ug
East African Community Headquarters (EACHQ) http://www.eachq.org
National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) http://www.nemaug.org
Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) http://www.ugrevenue.com
Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mofa.go.ug  
Global Technology Network (GTN) http://www.usgtn.net